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April 2010—The Folktales page of Aaron’s World of Stories was included in the 2009 Great Web Sites for Kids by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association (ALA).

December 1, 2009—Aaron’s Home Page is listed as a teacher resource in “Around the World with Tricksters,” by Daryl Grabarek, in the December issue of School Library Journal.

January 1, 2003—Aaron’s RT Page is first source of free scripts listed in “The Power of Reader’s Theater,” lead article in January/February 2003 issue of Instructor magazine.

October 21, 2002—Aaron’s Young Author Page given an Editor’s Choice Award by Bonus.com.

June 18, 2001—Aaron’s Kidwriting Page given a Top of the Web Award by BellaOnline.

March 10, 2001—Aaron’s RT Page given an Editor’s Choice Award and ranked in the top 5% of K–12 education sites, by the Awesome Library.

June 5, 2000—Aaron’s Home Page ranked in the top 2% of most popular Web sites based on links from other sites, by Webs Most Linked.

February 3, 2000—Aaron’s Kidwriting Page given an Internet Guide Award by Britannica.

February 1, 1999—Aaron’s Storytelling Page included in “Best of February” list of Education World.

October 14, 1997—Aaron’s Storytelling Page mentioned in a storytelling article in The Christian Science Monitor.

July 1997—Aaron’s Home Page selected as Children’s Author Site of the Month by Inkspot.

May–June 1997—Aaron’s RT Page mentioned in Learning.

March 30, 1997—Aaron’s Home Page selected as Kidsite of the Week.


About Aaron’s RT Page:
“A respected writer on Readers Theatre, Shepard has been sharing his passion for the medium on the Internet since 1994 and offers myriad scripts searchable by title, genre, and theme, along with valuable tips on preparing, rehearsing, and performing.”—Alicia Eames, School Library Journal, Dec. 13, 2007.

About Aaron’s RT Page:
“A truly wonderful resource for Reader’s Theatre online is Aaron Shepard’s RT website. . . . Whether you’re new to Reader’s Theatre or already sold on this fun way to enhance the enjoyment of reading, we hope you’ll find this a useful resource.”—Skewl Sites Newsletter, Sept. 1999

About Aaron’s Storytelling Page:
“Aaron Shepard’s Storytelling Page is a great place to get started as a teller of tales. . . . Storytelling is a particularly useful teaching tool in the younger grades and, when done well, appeals to all ages. A great resource!”—Education World, Feb. 1999

About Aaron’s Home Page:
“Shepard’s Web site deserves awards! It’s loaded with special treats for teachers.”—Sharon Cromwell, “Get to Know Your Favorite Authors—On the Internet!,” Education World, Mar. 1998

About Aaron’s RT Page:
“Print out copies of the hilarious Reader’s Theater plays offered on Aaron Shepard’s RT Page. Assign parts to school staff (cafeteria workers, the school nurse, principal, secretary, custodian, etc.). Don’t practice TOO much. The mistakes when reading and the easy atmosphere that surrounds these informal plays make them hilarious! Students will howl!”—Gary Hopkins, “Reading Activities for Read-In! Day,” Education World, Mar. 1998

About Aaron’s RT Page:
“Aaron’s experience is evident on this Web site. His pages are a rich source of advice. . . . Shepard’s tips on performance are extraordinarily helpful for both novice and proficient users of readers’ theatre scripts.”—Debbie Abilock, Word for Word (San Mateo County Reading Association newsletter), Dec. 1996

About Aaron’s Home Page:
“Do be sure to visit his site. Find stories for storytelling, classroom suggestions, ‘gifts’ for all of us!”—Gems of AGATE (Advocacy for Gifted and Talented Education in New York State newsletter), Spring 1998

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