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About Aaron Shepard’s

Fees and Expenses

“Local” is Thurston County, Washington.

School Fees

Local visit
Full day (3 presentations)—Not currently available.
Half day (2 presentations, from 10 a.m.)—$550
Other U.S. visit—Not currently available.
International visit—Not currently available.
School assembly (up to 45 minutes)—$300
Classroom visit (up to 45 minutes)—$100
Teacher workshop—Not currently available.
Parent talk—Not currently available.

Assemblies can be any size, with up to four consecutive grades at a time.

Public Library Fees

Storytelling (up to 45 minutes)—$150
Librarian workshop—Not currently available.

Local only.

Conference Fees

Please inquire.

Local only, except for award ceremonies.

Travel Expenses

For non-local and overnight engagements.

Any expenses for long-distance transportation, lodging, and meals are the responsibility of the host unless otherwise agreed. Driving expense is estimated ahead based on the federal standard mileage allowance, currently 48.5 cents per mile. Advance tickets and lodging must be purchased by the host directly. (When feasible, I prefer to travel by train or bus. Nearest major airport is Seattle-Tacoma, “SeaTac.”)

April 26, 2007

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