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About Aaron Shepard’s

Writer Talks and Workshops

Here are presentations currently available for children’s writers.

For the Love of Writing. One‑half to one hour. How Aaron broke into children’s writing and lived to tell about it.

Dangerous Myths and Terrible Truths. One‑half to one hour. A quick look at common misconceptions and mistakes of beginners.

Writing Your Story. One‑half to three hours. Find out just what makes a good, publishable story. For workshops over one hour, please bring a manuscript for group critique.

Script Your Story! One hour. Make your stories come alive with these tricks from reader’s theater. Be ready to script!

Authors Online! One‑half to one hour. An Internet pioneer shares his tips on promoting yourself online. Includes a look at Aaron’s Web site—which has had over one million visitors—plus tricks for enhancing your presence at Amazon. This talk requires an Internet connection and a projector supplied by the host.

The Art of Retelling. Five to twenty minutes. Hear about one author’s balancing act when retelling a folktale for a picture book.

The Challenges of Retelling. One‑half to one hour. Get past the stumbling blocks to retelling folktales, myths, and other traditional literature. (This is the talk that caused a Harcourt editor to jump to her feet and declare, “That’s the best talk on this subject I’ve ever heard.”)

A Dozen Answers to the Multicultural Heckler. Five to twenty minutes. Does Aaron have the right to retell stories from other cultures? You’d better believe it!

Reading is Dramatic! One to two hours. Learn how to read to audiences, with these secrets of professional performers. Includes short, safe reading practice, with helpful comments by Aaron.

One Page Says It All. One‑half to one hour. Bring a manuscript and let Aaron critique the first page.

Oct. 1, 2004

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