Aaron Shepard
About Aaron Shepard

Here are things to help you get to know Aaron Shepard—an author profile, a color poster, a photo album, Aaron’s first stories, and more. For book info, see About Aaron’s Kid Books.

Aaron Shepard reading King o' the Cats
Watch Aaron Read!

King o’ the Cats

(11 minutes)

About the Author

Basic info on Aaron and his work.

About the Home Page

Basic info on this Web site.

Aaron’s Album

Personal photos of Aaron, his home, and his loved ones. Last updated May 2013.

Author Profile

Aaron tells about how he became an author, his writing process, and his goals.

A Personal Bookshelf

Aaron shares his favorite reading.

Author Bookmarks

Printable autographed bookmarks.

Story Handout

A printable autographed handout of one of Aaron’s most popular stories.

Author Poster

A printable color poster of Aaron.

Author Portrait

A downloadable high-resolution portrait.

Author Photo

A downloadable high-resolution photo.

First Story

“Christmas for the Orphans.” Aaron’s first‑ever story, written in fourth grade!

Second Story

“Mostly a Matter of Something or Other.” Aaron’s second story, finished in seventh grade.

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