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Writing Fun With Aaron Shepard’s

Forty Fortunes
A Tale of Iran

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In Forty Fortunes, Ahmed’s first fortunetelling adventure is built on a pattern that could repeat—and it often does in longer versions of the story. You can have fun by writing new episodes on the same pattern. Share your writing with others by reading it aloud or acting it out together.

Pattern: Someone asks Ahmed something they need to know. Before trying to answer, Ahmed says something else, to the questioner or just to himself. This is taken as Ahmed’s answer, and it turns out to be true. Ahmed is rewarded.

Write your own: Invent a question and someone to ask it. Think what Ahmed could say that could turn out true. Tell how things work out for both the questioner and Ahmed.

Book cover: Forty Fortunes
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Forty Fortunes
A Tale of Iran
Told by Aaron Shepard
Illustrated by Alisher Dianov