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Writing Fun With Aaron Shepard’s

Master Maid
A Tale of Norway

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Copyright © 1997 Aaron Shepard. May be reproduced freely.

Master Maid is built on two patterns that repeat. You can have fun by writing new episodes on the same patterns. Share your writing with others by reading it aloud or acting it out together.

Pattern #1: The troll gives Leif a task that sounds easy. Master Maid tells Leif how he must do it. Leif stubbornly does it his own way and gets in trouble, then does it Master Maid’s way to save himself. Leif then meets the troll, who accuses him of talking to Master Maid.

Write your own: Invent a task from the troll and advice from Master Maid. Tell what happens when Leif does it his way, and then hers. Finish up with Leif and the troll.

Pattern #2: While fleeing, Master Maid and Leif see the troll catching up. Master Maid throws an object over her shoulder and says a spell. The object turns into an obstacle which is something like the original. The troll says a spell of his own, calling up a special creature to clear the obstacle.

Write your own: Invent an obstacle, with the object it comes from. Invent a creature to overcome it. Create the spells used by Master Maid and the troll.

Book cover: Master Maid
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Master Maid
A Tale of Norway
Told by Aaron Shepard
Illustrated by Pauline Ellison