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Writing Fun With Aaron Shepard’s

The Boy Who Wanted the Willies

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The Boy Who Wanted the Willies” is built on a pattern that repeats. You can have fun by writing new episodes on the same pattern. Share your writing with others by reading it aloud or acting it out together.

Pattern: In the haunted castle, as the clock strikes the hours, Hans encounters scary supernatural beings that act almost friendly at first but then try to do him in. Hans, though, doesn’t even know he’s supposed to be scared. He disposes of each attacker, then ends up wondering when he’ll get “the willies.”

Write your own: Choose one or more supernatural beings, or invent them. Think up what they’ll do when they appear, and what Hans will say and do about it. Then figure out how they’ll turn on Hans and how he’ll overcome them. Don’t forget to start with the clock and end with Hans wondering about the willies!