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Here are articles of Aaron’s on writing, publishing, and promoting children’s books. Most have appeared in the SCBWI Bulletin or Once Upon A Time. The listed years show the times of writing and latest update.

If you are a writer with your own Web site, you are welcome to repost any one of these articles, as long as you do not charge for it and you retain all links back to this site. If you are a publisher or other content acquirer interested in an article for commercial use, please see also Aaron’s Rights & Permissions.


Script Your Story! (1993)

Words That Make Pictures (1995)

Rhythm and the Read‑Aloud (1995)

Tinker, Tailor, Writer, Storyteller (1991)

The Art of Retelling (1994/2014)

Researching the Folktale (1995/2019)

The Perils of Permissions (1993/2014)


The Picture Book Query (1991)

In Praise of Post‑its (1992)

Those Terrible Multiple Submitters (1994)

Nice Girls Don’t (1993)

Databases for the Children’s Writer (2000/2014)

Saving The Sea King’s Daughter (2011)


10 Ways to Promote a First Book (1992)

Promo Pages for the Children’s Author (1995/2013)

Info for Author Days (1996/2013)

The Magic of Reading to Children (1994/1999)

Author Online!—Adventures in Children’s Literature on the Internet (1998/2001)

Works in Progress: An Online Experiment (1995/2014)

Other Thoughts

Real Books (1995)

This Is Not a Test (2003)

A Dozen Answers to the Multicultural Heckler (1995)

What’s Good for the Children’s Book Business . . . (1988)

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