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Scripts and Tips for Reader’s Theater

(or Readers Theater or Reader’s Theatre or Readers Theatre or . . . )

Here are resources for reader’s theater (or readers theatre)—including the acclaimed series of free scripts Reader’s Theater Editions—all from children’s author Aaron Shepard. If you’re looking for a perfect combination of education and fun, this is it!

Aaron’s RT Books!

Book Cover: Readers on Stage

Readers on Stage

Resources for Reader’s Theater (or Readers Theatre), With Tips, Scripts, and Worksheets

Book Cover: Stories on Stage

Stories on Stage

Children’s Plays for Reader’s Theater (or Readers Theatre), With 15 Scripts From 15 Authors

Book Cover: Folktales on Stage

Folktales on Stage

Children’s Plays for Reader’s Theater (or Readers Theatre), With 16 Scripts from World Folk and Fairy Tales and Legends

The Chamber Readers
Special Feature with Video!

The Chamber Readers

What Is RT?

And how do you really spell it?

Reader’s Theater Editions

Free scripts for young readers.

Aaron Presents . . . The Chamber Readers

An introduction to this outstanding reader’s theater group, with three video performances.

RT Tips

An online guide to reader’s theater (or readers theatre)—scripting, staging, and dramatic reading.

RT Scripting Sheets

Practice sheets for team scripting. Let your readers script for themselves!

An RT Bookshelf

Good books for getting into reader’s theater (or readers theatre).

About Aaron’s RT Books

Info on script collections and more by Aaron.

About Aaron and RT

For special features available for individual scripts on this site or in Aaron’s books, see Aaron’s Extras.

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