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Gifts of Story

“Gifts of Story” is a series of storytelling adaptations of stories by Aaron Shepard. You are welcome to tell these or any other stories by Aaron for fun or profit, except you may not sell recordings without permission. When performing, please mention the author and the children’s book, if any.

Special features are available for most of the stories. These can include reader’s theater scripts, printable color posters, photo features, audio recordings, extended author notes, fun writing exercises, and alternate story versions. To find these features, follow links to Aaron’s Extras. For info on children’s books adapted for these versions, follow “About the Book” links or click or tap on the book covers.

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GOS #31 ~ Quackling: A Not-Too-Grimm Fairy Tale Book cover

After waiting in vain for the King to repay a loan, Quackling wants his money back.

GENRE: Folktales
THEME: Benefits of friendship
LENGTH: 5 minutes

For more stories, see Aaron’s World of Stories.

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