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About Aaron Shepard’s

Public Library Visits

Here are guidelines and arrangements for my long-distance visits to public libraries.

GENERAL. Please send any tickets or ticket info, travel instructions, and lodging details well in advance. An advance copy of my schedule would also be appreciated. I do not require a contract or signed agreement. If paperwork is required by your library, please fill out all forms before asking me to sign. Please also consider inviting local schools to join in hosting me.

PRESENTATIONS. My presentation consists of lively storytelling from my books and my other stories, drawing on my professional experience in storytelling and reader’s theater. The program normally runs 30 to 40 minutes, depending on audience age. I can adjust my story selection to any age level.

EQUIPMENT. For assemblies, I need one or two six‑foot tables in front with my books for display. A P.A. system is essential for large rooms. Please check the system before the day of my visit. I cannot hold a mike while reading a book, so the mike must be attachable or on a stand—a boom mike stand, if available. I do not need projection equipment.

TAPING. Fine with me, but please supply a copy.

SCHEDULE. I can give a maximum of three presentations a day.

BOOK SALES. I appreciate your allowing me to sell my books or arranging book sales yourself. If you are handling it, see my Web site info on Book Sales and Ordering.

ADULT PRESENTATIONS. I can also present to groups of librarians. Please inquire about possible topics, or see my Web site info on Talks and Workshops.

PUBLICITY. I encourage you to publicize my visit through local media, and I’m happy to grant interviews.

MATERIALS. You will find a variety of supporting materials on my home page at www.aaronshep.com. See especially the sections About Aaron’s Author Visits, About Aaron’s Kid Books, About Aaron, and Aaron’s Extras.

MEALS. Meals should be vegetarian, and preferably dairyless as well. I appreciate natural, “whole” foods when available. I’m content to eat on site, in a home, in a restaurant, with or without company, but only in a totally smoke‑free environment.

LODGING. On an overnight stay, I can be lodged in a hotel, motel, bed-and-breakfast, or private home, but I ask a bedroom and a bathroom to myself. Accommodations must be nonsmoking. Please pay any lodging bill directly.

TRANSPORTATION. Please purchase any advance tickets directly. For Washington state or Oregon, please consult for my preferred mode of travel. Reservations should specify “nonsmoking” and “vegan” or “vegetarian” where applicable. My air travel preferences are: budget airline; “ticketless” travel; and an aisle seat. Nearest major airport is Seattle–Tacoma, “SeaTac.” Departures from that airport should be scheduled on mid‑week afternoons.

FINANCIAL. For current charges, please inquire, or refer to my Web site info on Fees and Expenses. I prefer to be paid before my departure. An invoice is available on request.

Oct. 1, 2004

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